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How did they end up together? Jiang Duxing exclaimed. He is one of the three emperors of the Dimu Star Sector space pirates. The most powerful person in the entire Dimu Star Sector is in Shenluo City?


“This Hong Dali, will he do anything to me in the middle of the night…” Jiang Qianxue pondered for a long time before finally laying on the bed. She was quite tired and soon fell asleep…


In the hall on the first-floor hall was an artificial mountain, running water and a little bridge. On the walls around the room were shelves of expensive tomes. There was a large pond in the middle. In the pond were a few colorful arowanas swimming around leisurely.


The appearance of a super-genius who completed all 30 levels of the Tower of Trials in one day was very significant. Those who didn’t understand this would only think that a person who was good at fighting had appeared. However, those who had lived long enough in the Galaxy Alliance Center all understood what the appearance of such a genius represented.


It was a very hard kick. With a loud boom, the door of Dalis Weapon Shop fell down and landed on the ground, sending up a cloud of dust.


Quick, look. Isnt that the new Double Honorary Aristocrat Hong Dali? He is a super prodigal, specialized in buying failed shops. Haha!

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Hence, with this mindset, they waited outside the shop. Some who were smarter asked the neighboring shop boss, Aye, boss, will this shop open? Who owns it? Why are they selling only one armor? And its embedded. Are they intending to lose money? The boss said, It belongs to an Honorary Aristocrat. God knows what hes thinking. We cannot understand the mind of the god-like person.


Green bird? The Bureau Chief looked carefully at the little prodigal bird. He couldnt make out what it was either. However, it really was a little too ugly.


Since he was going to see Pops, Hong Dali was lazy to go upstairs. He pointed with his finger. Xiaoyi, just do the paperwork. Ill see the shop when I have time later on.


That was a big problem. Hong Dali nodded and said, En, let me think of something. Wait for a while.


Grandpa! Jiang Qianxue immediately protested when she heard what her grandfather said. Youre teasing me!


They soon arrived at Sauron Auction Center. When they alighted, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Ling Xiaoyi brought Hong Dali to the appraisal room like a pro. The Goblin was taking a nap on the chairthe auction was about to begin. Not many people would bring their items to get appraised at this time. Hence, he was quite free. Of course, he was so free he could take a nap


The System had made his body too strong. Needles and bats did not work on him at all. So, everyone sat on the floor and tried to think of something—what should they do?



Otherwise, if Tang Muxin found out and fought with her, resulting in Jiang Qianxue getting angry and blowing the Earth up—f**k, all his hairs were standing up, that’s a terrifying thought!



There was a show to be had this timeLi Yang shouted, Poser, Ill let you fly! The two First Order Planet Warriors were sent flying when they had just started to attack.


To be honest, it was bothersome to attract so much attention everywhere they went. Soon, Hong Dali decided to find a place to rest. It was extremely stressful to be on the streets with a Galaxy Aristocrat on this Silver-blue super-planethe felt like a monkey in the zoo. Of course, Hong Dali was the monkey in the center of attention.


Oh? You mean, you saw Miss Qianxue with the newly advanced Double Honorary Aristocrat together, and they appeared quite intimate? A young man touched his chin as he listened to the guard reporting. This young man was exceptionally handsome but in a different way from Liu Mingxin. Liu Mingxins charm was in his confidence and positivity. But this young man was gentle, especially with his narrow, cold eyes.

  • “Just passed level twenty-two.” The man with eagle eyes casually responded. Soon, he was stunned.
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