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Daughter, Her mother comforted her. as long as you dont feel grieved, let nature take its course. I wont say more regarding matters of the heart. Youre not a small girl anymore, I believe you understand.


God, don’t tell me that this bird needed to be fed with alien cores!? Who could afford to raise it? One core cost as much as 60,000 Galaxy Dollars!


In Tang Muxin’s heart, she thought, “Dali ah, how long do you intend to keep up this act?” En, Tang Muxin was really quite smart, she grasped the main point at once!


Li Nianweis face flushed red with excitement. She rarely asked for anything, but this time, she took the initiative to ask Hong Dali, Young Master, I think


Honestly speaking, the great Uncle Eagle Eye and the super great Mister Gate were really efficient when they worked. Mihawk waved his black sword about wildly and hacked vehemently at everything. As long as it was something that did not seem pleasing, he hacked it off! Mister Gate followed behind moving and piling up all the bits that got hacked off. First, they made a circle on the ground, then they further cut the hacked off material into smaller pieces. Li Yang and the other lackeys went out and bought back something that worked like cement and plastered it on the circle of chips…


“Okay…” This time Hong Dali understood what it meant to drop a stone on his own foot. “I’m going back to sleep. You should go home first, I’m sleepy…”

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“Oh, the energy engine.” Lin Chuyin was holding a welding gun and welding the pieces together bit by bit. “Dali left behind quite a number of energy gemstones. I embedded all of them onto this energy engine.”


“Old Elder.” That Elder search around the places near Faerie Star, then smiled and said, “Hellfire is very close to Faerie Star currently, only two days traveling time away.”


This young man was exceptionally handsome, especially with his narrow, cold eyes.


At this moment, the crowd was shocked. They whispered among themselves as they bowed. No wonder they are so pretty. They are Galaxy Aristocrats! Oh my God! Galaxy Aristocrats are different, indeed. Look at them. They look so noble even without their cloaks. Incredible!


Oh, oh, oh. Tianyi was shocked. Big Bro Dalis skills are marvelous. I admit defeatcan you teach me a few moves? I can earn some pocket money too. How is it? He was smart, indeed. With just a few words, the tense situation from before was resolved.


This time, it was different from the pastHong Dali had Tang Muxin on the left and Jiang Qianxue on the right. An army of lackeys and guards followed behind him. Everyone on the streets stood on the sides and bowed at forty-five degrees in unison!


“I have made a little progress.” Zhang Yi sweetly replied, “These bugs’ genes are really amazing. Simply put, their genes can allow them to directly communicate in the Universe with the true leader in the broods. This makes communication much more convenient. A Zerg leader can, at the same time, control thousands or even more Zergs to attack together. Very impressive.”



Previously, he only learned the external skills. As for the internal skills, he only learned a bit. This was because his strength wasn’t enough for him to learn the very deep and advanced internal energy skills previously.



“Impressive, very impressive!” Hong Dali violently nodded, then took out the “Secrets of Dark Energy” and directly tossed it to Levis. He smiled and said, “Brother Levis, try practicing this.” Saying so, he took out another two secret manuals. One was the “Wind Flower Snow Moon Palm” and the other one was similar to the “Secrets of Dark Energy”, called “Secrets of Magic Energy”. He directly tossed both of them to Li Yang and said, “Brother Li Yang, practice these with the rest. Your attributes aren’t enough to practice the ‘Secrets of Dark Energy’ yet.”


Everyone was trying hard to suppress their laughter. It was hilarious. Of course, laughter aside, the job still needed to be done.


Hong Dali had made a very fruitful trip. He opened all the shops and acknowledged a great father. What came next was easy—find out the coordinates of Earth, enter the virtual world to teleport there, and report his well-being to his parents!

  • “It looks like my child has hatched.” Green Phoenix softly said, “Interact with him in the virtual world first. If you guys can get along, one day, this child with a kind heart will come to this place…”
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